Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am MAD

Today She went for a walk but She didn't takes ME!

I thought She was going because She putted on Her shoes but She didn't put a bag in her pocket. So I laid right across the door so She would see I was ready to go.

But She leaved me home anyway!! She says its cuz dogs are not allowed to go in at Walmart. Then she shouldn't GO to Walmart!!

Who wants to go someplace that don't likes dogs anyway? Even Scrooge dogs?!

She was gone a long time and when She got home she gave me a treat but I am still MAD at her.

I wants to go a walk to the mailbox NOW but She turned the water on in the tub so I do not think She is going to take me.

Don't you think that is NO FAIR?


  1. lol...poor scrooge.....she's just so mean

  2. She was doing something good for Her.

    It's hard on Scrooges, but good for Her.

  3. Tomorrow she is going to take me to the post office, she promised