Friday, May 22, 2009

His New Job

Well, now I knows why He is staying at homes more.

He and She are starting a new business and He is going to help peoples with their spiders and bats and bedbugs and roaches and gooses and bees and ants and raccoons and other pesty stuffs. But not dogs because we are not pests. Dogs is good. His new business is called Cottage Country Pest Control and that is a good name because we lives in Cottage Country and he will goes anywhere near here that's got pests for him to manage.

Some people only wants to kill the pests but He is always being interested in the environment and he is very good at finding ways to do stuffs that are better for the environment so part of his new business is going to be telling peoples ways to do stuffs to keep the pests out of their houses without always using chemicals. He has already been finding cool stuffs that doesnt have chemicals that peoples can use to keep their bugs out of their houses and cottages.

He's got a new blog too, but guess what? He doesn't really likes the computer so guess who is writing His new blog?

No not Scrooge - but maybe he might lets me to a post for Him sometime if I ask nice. No, She is doing it. And Jessa is going to help with logos and buttons and Tamara is going to help with marketing and office stuffs and me, I'm going to help too.

When I figures out how.

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