Sunday, May 17, 2009

A car ride! And MUD! Lots of MUD!

Today was exciting! I got to go in the van. With Him and Her and Jessa!
Scrooge the Walker HoundI didn't know where we was going and I started to whine cuz I thought we were maybe going too far.
Scrooge in the carBut then we stopped and we all got out. Him and Her and Jessa too!
Jessa & Scrooge at Matchedash Conservation AreaSee the muds? I like the muds. I walked in lots and lots of muds.

I smelled lots of good stuffs in the woods. And we saw deer footprints and raccoon footprints and people footprints and dog footprints and did I tell you there was lots of muds?!
hiking at Matchedash conservation area

Jessa went up to the top of the tower. I wanted to go too. So I did.
lookout tower
And then I camed back down.

They was looking and taking pictures of those sticks in the waters. I didn't cared about those so I sniffed and played and waited.
blue heron nestsThat is what they was looking at. The heron nests in the pond. I liked the muds better.

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  1. Scrooge, that looks like loads of fun! I wish I could play in the muds.

    You were very brave to climb up and down those wooden steps.