Monday, May 11, 2009

A busy day at my house

I thinked that when He got up early to go to work it would be another boring day around here.

But it is not.

A lady came to talk to Her and she makes her do silly exercises and tests and then she goes away again.

And then a truck comes and brings stuff to the door and She won't let me go outside to smell the truck guy so I was mad at her.

But now She's gots a plastic bag in Her pocket so I thinks maybe we will go for our walk soon.

I hopes so cause I am getting bored watching her tippy type on the stoopid computer. She is making questions for Him to answer to practice for His test.

She is just as bored as Scrooge is. She does not want to know all this stuff about pest controls. That's what she says. Pests controls is boring.

We finded another dog blog to add to mine blogroll. This one says that it's the greatest dog in the world. I don't think that can be right - but he sure do writes a lot.

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