Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blankets for dirt

Today She gotted up early with Him. It was still sleeping time and they was up way too early.

He had to go to work or someplace but She didn't. She is being weird today.

She is putting blankets on the dirts.

First she digs and digs and digs.

And then she covers the dirts with black blankets and puts rocks or sticks or glass blocks we gots in a pile on the blankets.

So now we have piles of dirts covered with black blankets in our back yard.

People are very strange, don't you thinks?


  1. I think it is very thoughtful of her to make sure the dirts stay warm under a blanket.

  2. 5:10 am? there's a 5:10 in the morning? seriously?


  3. Dogs get yelled at for digging. Most unfair!!

  4. wasn't up at 5:10... just hadn't thought to change the time zone setting on this blog - will have to see if the others are right, too

  5. Daisy, she is cutting holes in the blankets though!

  6. I doesn't like digging too much, Jan, so I haven't ever been yelled at for it. But you are right, that would be no fair.

  7. ah ok...cus seriously your on break..no need to be up at 5 a.m. when your on break