Saturday, April 25, 2009

I says

...there is too many cats blogs on this Innernet thing and not enough dog blogs.

This is me and my friend Lady. Lady was borned way up North but now she lives with the lady. Still Norths but not so far.

I goes and stays with the lady and Lady sometimes but not today.

No fair. The lady called on the noise thing I hearded her say the babies misses the Scrooge and could they come and sees me and I barked and whined but she didn't heared me and she didn't comes to see me and I didn't get to see the lady and the babies and Lady and I coulda cuz I was home all by my own self all way too long all day.

But then they camed home and he feeded me and now it is bedtime and I gots to go warm up the bed for her.

I says bye.

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